Goal Club

Soccer Boosters

Booster Club - General Information

The Mill Creek Goal Club (Soccer Booster Organization) holds meetings 2-3 times per year at Mill Creek High School.  Please plan to join us for our next announced meeting.

Booster Club Officers and Responsibilites

President Scotty Duncan
Vice President Melissa Zmistowski
Treasurer Lori Miller
Secretary Susan Smith
Concessions Sherry Miller
TOMC - Silent Auction/SpiritWear Wendy Mumme
Member At Large Kristina Coppola
Member At Large Dave Speregen
Head Girls Coach Vince Hayes
Head Boys Coach Brett Godwin
GoalKeeping Coach Majorie Hammond
Girls Junior Varsity Coach Mary Morris
Boys Junior Varsity Coach Laurel Christopher

                                      Mill Creek Goal Club
                                      1568 Autumn Sage Drive

                                      Dacula, GA   30019